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The RV Travel Club
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Fellowship, knowledge, and Camaraderie with like minded folks

Whether a “Week-end Warrior” or a “Full Timer” . . . retired or not, our mission is to provide opportunities for members to enjoy good fellowship and camaraderie with like minded folks.

We strive to provide resources and information regarding the operation and maintenance of our RVs.  Much can be learned from the discussion forums on our website and at “Tech Talk” sessions held at chapter campouts and National Rallies.  Information and problem solving shared by fellow members is . . . “priceless”.

Our website is the “Hub of the Club” that keeps us connected.  Members with full access will find information on local chapters, and discussion forums where fellow RV owners post questions and answers about various topics, and dates for upcoming chapter campouts and national rallies.


Local Chapters

In addition to our website resources, the club’s many chapters schedule luncheons and camp outs throughout the year across the US and Canada.   Each chapter typically has several campouts or gatherings within their geographical region.  A list of these outings is published in the Campin 'Nooz and on the website in the Event Calendar. Links to both are on the menu.

To join a local chapter after you have joined the club, select "Chapter Info" from the menu, then choose "Chapter Finder".  Select the chapter you are interested in and click their web page link under "More Info".  Members may join as many local chapters as they wish and are welcome at any chapter event, whether or not they belong to that chapter.
With activities ranging from campground games to sight-seeing excursions, local cuisine to pot luck dinners, morning coffee klatches to evening campfires . . . opportunities for fellowship fill the day at chapter camp outs. Chapters are the heart of the club, where fellow members quickly become extended family. . . "priceless"

While traveling, members are invited to join in the camp outs and rallies listed on our “Club Events Calendar”.  The welcome mat is always out.   If you happen to be a snowbird, there are several “winter” based chapter events to attend.


National Rallies


The 2021 Grand National Rally   will be held September 20th - 24th in Elkhart, IN.


The Grand National Rally's location and date vary from year to year. Typically they are held in late summer or early fall and usually last a week.   Grand Nationals extend the chapter activities with the addition of evening entertainment, outings, catered meals, and educational seminars.  See highlights of previous National Rally Highlights here.





Member Directory

On the member side of the website is a member directory, available to all paid members.  Within that directory you can search for members by name, member number, city, or state.  Should you find yourself in an unfamiliar area and need some local advice or assistance chances are there is a club member you've already met living in the vicinity.  The membership directory will help you find them.

Manuals and Brochures for RVs

Club members have access to a growing library of manuals and brochures for many RVs.