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The RV Travel Club
"Where Good People meet Good People"
Member owned and operated
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History of "The RV Travel Club"

In 1976, after many discussions and numerous planning sessions, Mr. C. T. Yoder, the then President of Carriage Inc. gave the green light to the new Travel Club. The name it was given was the Carriage/Royals International Travel Club. The Club was designed to promote good fellowship and camaraderie for owners of Carriage RVs.

Carriage closed it's doors in October, 2011, but the Travel Club lives on! Over 40 years later, the club has rebranded as "The RV Travel Club"  and welcomes all owners of self-contained RVs.  The RV Travel Club's motto is "Where Good People meet Good People". 

The Club is a non-profit, self-governing organization. Our National Board of Officers and National Board of Directors and all members of the Club, follow the policy to promote a solid foundation for the membership through sound financial management and strong leadership. We actively recruit new members and keep our current members informed through the club's very informative WebSite,

We solidly promote good fellowship and camaraderie for our members. We hold one or two National Rallies around the country each year. At these rallies there you will find information concerning upgrades and repair of your RVs, various presentations of related RV products, as well as group discussions and various educational seminars on general topics of interest to both men and women.

Chapter level functions are very important to the membership. Most chapters hold multiple camp-outs and other activities for their members during the year. Becoming a member of a chapter, or chapters, is very rewarding and enhances the good fellowship and camaraderie - it becomes a feeling of an extended family.

Our goals for the future are to enlarge our membership base through better communications, and to expand our geographical base with new Chapters in States and Provinces where we do not currently have existing chapters. We continue to enhance our Rally commitments with new locations and exciting innovations for our membership. 

Newly formed "special interest group" chapters are in the works.  These chapters may focus on specific RV brands, member hobbies, etc.

We want your RV experience with us to be a memorable one, be it at a National Rally or a chapter level event. Please come and join in on the fun. 


National Officers,
The RV Travel Club