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HomeTutorial - Submit a "Rig for Sale" Ad


Who can advertise on the
Carriage Travel Club web site?

  • Any person owning an RV manufactured by Carriage, Inc     
  • Any person owning a 5th Wheel manufactured by Evergreen/Lifestyle
  • Any member of the Carriage Travel Club that owns any RV


.How to submit a
"Rig for Sale" Ad

What to include in your ad

All ads should include both exterior and interior photos that show the floor plan: The room arrangement of the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.  Your photos and/or description should show or note:
  • Does your floor plan have a split bath where the shower and/or sink is part of the bedroom, or is the bathroom completely private? 
  • Is there any type of desk?
  • Is the frig a 2 door or a 4 door model - typical RV type, or residential?
  • Queen or King sized bed?
  • Washer/dryer appliances included or just hookups and where are they located (location accommodates stackable, side-by-side or only combo)?
  • Wired for or includes a generator and/or inverter?
  • If pre 2010 Carriage, does the rig have an after market Big Foot?
  • Independent suspension installed?
  • Dual pane or single pane windows?
  • Full body paint?
  • Disk brakes?
  • Dual Air conditioners?
  • Built-in EMS?
Prepare photos on your computer
  1. Rename the photos on your computer BEFORE sending them to the webmaster.
    • Put a copy of your photos into a dedicated folder on your hard drive
    • Rename the photos, using a naming convention that includes your name and a brief description of the photo.  Example:
      • Smith_4doorFridge.jpg
      • Smith_KingBed.jpg
      • Smith_Dishwasher.jpg

  2. Write a short description of the rig.  It must include:
    • manufacturer's name
    • brand
    • model
    • length
    • year
    • UNIQUE features or upgrades (see "What to include" above) - Don't include features that are standard on all models!
    • Your name, email address, and phone number

Email Photos and Description to

  1. Email your photos as attachments, do not embed them in the body of the email.
    • Reduce them before sending if they are greater than 1MG in size
    • Portrait photos do not display well in the slideshow.  Tops and bottoms will be cut off.  Please send only landscape photos.
    • Depending on the constraints of YOUR mail server, you should attach no more than 3-4 reduced photos per email.

  2. Email your description and contact information separately and note how many photos you have separately sent (so we can confirm that we received all of your photos)