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HomeTutorial - Using Mobile Devices

 Accessing the website from a mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc.)
note:  The website is accessed at on your mobile device.  
The first time you access the website from a mobile device, the icon description pop-up to the right will usually display. 
Please take note of what these icons do, as they are the key to navigation on a cell phone or tablet.
Note the row of icons displayed across the bottom of the screen.  The middle (display) icon will present as either a computer monitor or a cell phone, depending which mode you are currently in.
The display icon is a toggle that allows you to switch back and forth between using the program in “mobile mode" or “desktop mode".
 If you see a display with menus on the left,
you are in "Desktop Mode"

   If you see a display in the format below,
you are in "Mobile Mode"


If you are in “desktop mode", the program will appear like it does on your computer and the display icon will present as a cell phone.  Tapping the cell phone icon will switch you to “mobile mode” which has been designed to display better on mobile devices.


If you are in “mobile mode",  you will see slightly different icons at the bottom of the screen. The display icon will now present as a computer monitor.  Tapping the computer monitor  icon will switch you to the more familiar desktop mode if you don't mind lots of scrolling.

 Admin_DesktopMode270Login   Admin_MobileModeLogin270a
To login from desktop mode, tap the "padlock" icon at the bottom of the screen.  This will bring up the familiar login screen.The program will work as it does on your computer, but will require lots of scrolling.   To login from mobile mode, tap the "padlock".  To access the menu (after you have logged in), tap the "three stacked lines" icon on the bottom left of the screen.  This will bring up a mobile navigation menu screen.

If you encounter any issues or problems while accessing the system on your phone or tablet, please email promptly, so that any bugs in the software can be reported to Club Express.